Accredited Asbestos Air Monitoring Services in Melbourne

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NATA Laboratory Certified Asbestos Air Monitoring & Testing

Helia EHS has access to NATA laboratories to test for potential respirable asbestos fibres after our consultants take the samples.
Asbestos air monitoring confirms the asbestos controls in place are working and the asbestos poses no elevated risk to the health of your workforce or the general public. This is generally undertaken where ASBESTOS-CONTAINING material is identified in a poor condition with the help of a NATA laboratory to which Helia EHS has access. Helia EHS undertakes monitoring assessments of (non-asbestos removal) processes that may be liberating asbestos fibres into the air, or where ASBESTOS-CONTAINING material is being removed.

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Our competent, qualified and Licensed Asbestos Assessors have a combination of tertiary degrees and building industry backgrounds. Helia EHS assessors are experienced on working on strict sites, have achieved high security clearance with federal clients and use modern equipment to ensure air monitoring is completed to expectations.

Helia EHS Asbestos
Air Monitoring Types

Exposure Monitoring: to assess potential asbestos fibres in to estimate a worker’s exposure.
Control Monitoring: to assesses the effectiveness of asbestos control measures during asbestos removal or remediation
Clearance Monitoring: to assesses the level of asbestos fibres in a designated area following asbestos disturbance works.
asbestos air monitoring
asbestos air monitoring and quality assessment

The Importance of Asbestos Air Monitoring & Adhering to Legislation

Legislation requires asbestos air monitoring to be conducted before, during and upon completion of all Class A asbestos removal and remediation works.

Although not always required, we recommend asbestos air monitoring with our Melbourne team also be done during all potential asbestos disturbance works. This proactive approach often avoids construction project delays. Historical evidence of airborne fibre levels even below criteria can be called upon at a later stage – if ever requested by both internal and external parties.

How to Begin Using Helia EHS’ Asbestos Assessment Services in Melbourne

Asbestos air monitoring is an essential component of this process, and the NATA-accredited laboratory that Helia EHS has access to offers reliable and accurate testing services to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Don’t wait until it’s too late – contact Helia EHS professionals at +61 3 8625 9696 or send through an enquiry to learn about asbestos legislation throughout Melbourne and more!

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