Reliable Division 5 Asbestos Assessments in Melbourne

Asbestos Containing Materials

Anyone who manages or controls workplaces is required to identify and record all ASBESTOS-CONTAINING MATERIALS (ACM) in a register, so far as is reasonably practicable.

Such an assessment is commonly referred to as a ‘Division 5 Assessment’ in Melbourne, Victoria. This assessment  must be conducted by a ‘competent’ person every 5 years where asbestos has been identified or assumed present to ensure the register is up to date. Once prepared,  a site asbestos register must be accessible to site personnel and contractors at all times.

Site Asbestos Register

The preparation of an asbestos register involves a non-intrusive site assessment conducted by an experienced Helia EHS licensed asbestos assessor. ASBESTOS-CONTAINING materials throughout the site are systematically identified and assessed for the level of risk posed to site occupants.

Once identified, the presence and location of asbestos must be clearly indicated and recorded in the asbestos register. Helia EHS has developed a multi-function asbestos data management and reporting web application – Asbestos Edge.

Labelling must be used to indicate the presence of all ASBESTOS-CONTAINING material where reasonably practicable. Helia EHS has standardised industry accepted labels and signage. We can advise you on their correct placement to ensure legislative compliance as part of our Division 5 asbestos assessment.

asbestos audit inspection under normal circumstances (div 5)

Book a Division 5 Asbestos Assessment for Melbourne Properties

If you’re developing a property in Victoria, either for renovation of an existing building or development in place of a demolished existing building, you must follow correct procedure.

This includes arranging for a Division 6 Assessment to ensure your Melbourne property is free from asbestos or organise for its safe removal if identified (which Helia EHS can provide you with a list of contractors to assist with the latter). This asbestos assessment is a requirement for building companies across Melbourne and the rest of Victoria. If you have any questions about assessments, speak to a Helia EHS consultant today by contacting us at +61 3 8625 9696 or send through an enquiry for further information.

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