Compliance Risk and Review

compliance risk and review

Compliance Risk and Review

The Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018 amends core components of the Environment Protection Act 2017 (EP Act 2017). The new Act means increased responsibilities for businesses to proactively manage their environmental risks to avoid harming public health and the environment.

Helia EHS Group provides consulting on EPA’s compliance obligations including:

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Evaluation of the nature of historic land uses and activities at the specified sites to assess “duty to manage” and assess potential contamination sources. Assess whether historic land uses and activities at the specified sites trigger a “duty to notify” under the EP Act 2017. Advice on possible management protocols and site investigations that may be required at the specified sites consistent with the EP Act 2017. Review existing environmental management plans (EMPs), in-house risk assessments and environmental assessment reports (where available) to assess for the presence of possible contaminating activities and contamination sources. Conduct desktop history reviews to assess for the presence of potential contamination sources associated with historic land uses and activities. Conduct site inspections to check for the presence of potential contamination sources, activities, infrastructure, migration pathways and sensitive receptors – both on and off-site. Interview site personnel with knowledge of site operations and infrastructure to obtain further information on potential contamination sources, activities, infrastructure and pathways. Develop conceptual site models for each site to assess the nature and likelihood of risks to environmental values protected under the EP Act 2017.

Helia EHS can develop and provide training and education programs covering a broad range of topics/audiences:

  • Education sessions to upper management and corporate on the EP Act 2017 and its obligations (i.e. a due diligence perspective).
  • Office staff, project managers, asset managers training on duties and responsibilities in managing sites and facilities.
  • General environmental awareness training in the management of potential contaminating activities for all staff.
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License Management Services

Helia EHS provides license management services to owner of operating and closed landfills. The guidance and support provided ensures the landowners are appropriately prepared to manage their facilities in accordance with EPA guidance and legislation. We also have the capabilities and experience to achieve successful closure of landfills.

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