Contaminated Land Management: Remediation in Environmental Site Assessments

Navigating Contaminated Land: A Comprehensive Guide to Remediation in Environmental Site Assessments

In the realm of environmental stewardship, the management of contaminated land is a critical endeavor. For over a decade, Helia EHS has stood at the forefront of environmental, health and safety consultancy in Melbourne, providing expert sampling/assessment, advice and remediation services to both the private and public sectors.


Understanding the Landscape

Before delving into the intricacies of remediation, let’s explore the foundation: the assessment of contaminated land. Helia EHS offers a range of services, including Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI) and Detailed Site Investigations (DSI). These assessments may culminate in a Remediation Action Plan (RAP), a strategic document outlining the contamination status and proposing practical remediation options.


Remediation Techniques: A Multifaceted Approach

Helia EHS can design a range of remediation techniques, each tailored to address specific contaminant scenarios. From chemical oxidation, multi-phase vapour extraction and bioremediation, we can manage to implement a comprehensive suite of methods to ensure effective remediation.


In-situ Chemical Oxidation: Chemical oxidation uses chemicals called “oxidants” to help change harmful contaminants into less toxic ones. It is commonly described as “in situ” because it is conducted in place, without having to excavate soil or pump out groundwater for aboveground cleanup. In situ chemical oxidation, or “ISCO,” can be used to treat many types of contaminants like fuels, solvents, and pesticides.

Surfactant Flushing: A technique utilising surfactants to enhance the removal of contaminants from the soil, surfactant flushing proves effective in diverse soil conditions.

Bioremediation: Nature’s own remedy. This method utilises microorganisms to break down pollutants, promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly land restoration.

Landfill Remediation: Addressing the challenges posed by contaminated land requires a nuanced approach. Helia EHS specialises in landfill closure and remediation, implementing proven techniques to restore the ecological balance.


Soil Assessment and Management for Off-Site Disposal

In the pursuit of compliance obligations and the General Environmental Duty (GED), proper assessment of the land is paramount. Helia EHS navigates this challenge with precision, ensuring that assessments meet the highest standards. The soil assessment process involves a meticulous examination, identifying contaminants and formulating effective management strategies. For scenarios where off-site disposal is the most suitable course of action, Helia EHS facilitates a seamless and environmentally conscious process.


Bio-remediation: Harnessing the Power of Nature

Helia EHS promotes a sustainable future and champions bio-remediation as a sustainable approach to soil restoration. By leveraging natural processes and microorganisms, this method not only addresses contamination but also promotes the long-term health of the ecosystem. It’s a testament to the company’s commitment to eco-friendly solutions that resonate with the Australian landscape. Helia EHS staff have visited bioremediation-focused conferences in America in 2022 and 2023 to find out more about this topic. and to validate/verify that what they have been undertaking with clients in Australia is consistent with bio-remediation practices around the world. And it is!


Landfill Remediation: Balancing Ecology and Restoration

Landfills present a unique set of challenges. Helia EHS brings expertise to the forefront, employing advanced techniques to remediate these sites. From hazardous materials to health and safety considerations, we navigate the complexities, ensuring a thorough restoration process.


Helia EHS’s commitment to excellence in contaminated land management is evident in its multifaceted approach to assessment, remediation and compliance. As we navigate the intricate landscape of environmental site assessments, it is reassuring to have a partner dedicated to not just meeting compliance obligations but exceeding them. With a focus on sustainable practices and safety, Helia EHS stands as a beacon in the Australian marketplace, shaping a future where remediation harmonises with nature.

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