Contaminated Land Management


Contaminated Land Management 

Contaminated Land Consultants in Melbourne

Helia EHS provides specialist advice to our clients to comply with environmental requirements. 

Contaminated land can cause a wide range of consequences for the environment around it, as well as economic and social impacts. So, it’s critical to have an environmental consultancy perform the proper assessment of the land in order to meet your compliance obligations. 

Contaminated land management may involve remediation. Our remediation services are offered in both the private and public sectors. We recommend organising your contaminated land consultation with our contractors as soon as your project is confirmed. This gives us time to design the most appropriate remediation strategy and manage the remediation works as required.

Why Hire Contaminated Land Remediation Contractors in Melbourne

Helia EHS remediation contractors specialise in cleaning up land contaminated by hazardous materials (such as heavy metals, petroleum products and/or other chemicals) and restoring the land to a safe and usable state based on the intended use. There are a number of ways contaminated land remediation contractors can assist you and your business, for instance:

  • Protect Your Health and Safety: Land contamination can be a significant threat to human health and the environment. To mitigate these risks, our experienced remediation contractors utilise advanced equipment and techniques to safely extract and dispose of hazardous materials from the affected area.
  • Ensure Compliance with Environmental Legislation: In many cases, polluted land remediation is a legal requirement. Failing to comply with environmental compliance obligations can result in fines, legal action, and damage to your reputation. By hiring Helia EHS’ contaminated land remediation consultants, you can rest assured the clean-up process is conducted in accordance with applicable compliance obligations in Melbourne.
  • Boost Property Value: Polluted land is a significant liability that can negatively impact your Melbourne property’s value. However, by availing our remediation services, you can enhance the land’s worth and make it a more desirable prospect for potential buyers or tenants.
  • Support Sustainable Development: Remediating unclean land supports sustainable development by promoting the reuse of previously unusable ground. By restoring land to a safe and usable state (based on the intended land use), contaminated land remediation contractors support economic growth, environmental protection, and social responsibility.

Protect Your Melbourne Property and Health with Helia EHS Contaminated Land Consultants.

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