Environmental Site Assessment

Environmental site assessments (ESAs)

Environmental site assessments (ESAs) are undertaken to investigate potential contamination of environmental media such as soil, surface water, groundwater and air (vapours & gases) at a facility or property, arising from past and/or current activities at the facility or in the surrounding area. ESAs may be conducted for a variety of reasons including site owner/occupier due diligence, Council planning approvals, purchaser, vendor, merger due diligence, or as part of Statutory environmental audits.

Types of ESAs

Preliminary Site investigations (PSIs) generally involve a desktop investigation, including a review of historical and current land uses and activities as well as EPA public registers to assess the potential for land contamination to be present. 

A Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) involves intrusive works to investigate the nature and extent of contamination and potential risk to human health and the environment. 

environmental audit

Soil contamination

Soil contamination can arise when:

Typical contaminants that can contribute to soil contamination include:

soil being put into a collection bag for a soil assessment

Specific soil sampling activities undertaken and managed by Helia EHS include:

soil remediation

Surface Water Contamination

Surface water contamination can occur through surface runoff, discharge directly into a waterway or from an up-gradient source of contamination.

Surface water monitoring is useful to:

surface water contamination

Groundwater contamination

Groundwater quality assessments are necessary to determine the extent of contamination and the risk to environmental and human health. Helia EHS can manage groundwater assessments from the planning to implementation and review phase including:

Implementation and review phase including:

Helia EHS has completed many groundwater investigations and remediation programs to help achieve Clean-Up So Far As Reasonably Practicable (CUSFARP) as part of environmental audits.

Soil vapour contamination

Where soil and/or groundwater has been noted to contain volatile contaminants (e.g. fuels, solvents, etc.) soil vapour may be present and a potential risk may exist to site users or visitors. Depending on the type of contaminant, soil vapours can cause serious acute and chronic health effects if not appropriately managed.

Helia EHS provides the following specialist soil vapour assessment capabilities:

soil vapour

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