Environmental, Social &
Governance Policy

The work Helia EHS delivers, as an Environmental Consultancy, to our community (clients and employees) is based upon enhancing environmental, social and governance improvements.

At Helia we are committed to creating sustainable outcomes for our clients and all aspects of Environment, Health and Safety while acting ethically and with respect for all our partners. Our culture of continuous improvement and innovation drives us to provide unparalleled service and solutions that align with our core values.


Our core services deliver environmental improvement to our clients and subsequently the world we move within.

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We consider that our operations have a relatively minor impact on the environment but are committed to reducing any negative effects. We strive to operate sustainably and encourage our clients and suppliers to do the same.

1. Monitor and evaluate our environmental impact to identify areas for improvement.

2. Set targets for reducing our carbon emissions, waste generation, biodiversity loss and water consumption.

3. Encourage sustainable practices across our supply chain.

4. Promote the use of environmentally friendly materials and technologies.


We consider the work we deliver internally and externally has direct social positive impact which can be summarised at a high level as improvement to the environment which translates to community benefit.

We believe in creating a culture that enables and offers opportunities for all our staff, regardless of their level of expertise or experience. We recognize the importance of all people and see the value in everyone as part of the wider team.

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1. Ensure that all our workers are safe and healthy.

2. Foster a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and supported, with equal employment oppotyunities.

3. Encourage the professional development of our employees and offer training opportunities to help them reach their full potential.

4. Promote a healthy work-life balance and support our employees’ mental and physical wellbeing.

5. Uphold human rights and adhere to fair labour practices across our operations and supply chain.

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Part of the work we delivered to our stakeholders is focussed on improving environmental, health and safety processes and systems via development, implementation and auditing – in essence we consider we are lifting the community’s governance standards in everything we touch.

We believe in acting ethically and with integrity, ensuring that our operations are transparent, accountable, and compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

1. Maintain high ethical standards and promote a culture of honesty, fairness, and transparency.

2. Ensure that our business operations are conducted in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

3. Monitor and manage risks associated with our operations and take measures to mitigate them.

4. Continuously evaluate and improve our governance practices to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of corporate governance.

5. Maintain financial accounting integrity.

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