How a Contamination Liability Assessment can help when negotiating with a vendor

Leveraging Contamination Liability Assessment

Helia EHS specialises in assisting developers maximise potential use of historically contaminated sites.  Our client was considering the purchase of a contaminated site – the conditions of an Environmental Audit required soil vapour mitigation and management controls on any future buildings to protect residents.

Helia EHS conducted a liability assessment which involved a review of the assessment and audit reports to identify what controls were required and how these could be implemented.  Helia EHS provided a cost estimate for the installation of vapour protection measures and ongoing environmental management at the property.  Our client utilised this information to negotiate with the vendor, ultimately saving our client money and reducing their liability, as the vendor retained responsibility for the installation and the management of soil vapour risks at the site.

Helia EHS provided this service to our client on a pro-bono basis as they are a not for profit organisation that provides low cost housing to women and children at risk of homelessness in Melbourne.

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