How safe is your workplace from asbestos risks?

Evaluating Workplace Asbestos Safety

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A few questions to ask yourself or your employer in regard to asbestos risks in your workplace:

Do you own or manage a property that its primary use is a workplace?

Has your workplace been constructed prior to 31 December 2003? (The date of the total ban on asbestos that came into effect in Australia)

Does your workplace have an asbestos register?

The Property (facility) Manager or workplace owner have strict obligations when it comes to asbestos in the workplace. To ensure all employees are aware of potential asbestos risks in the workplace, an Asbestos Assessment needs to be performed to identify any building materials that may contain hazardous materials including asbestos.

This compliance assessment is part of the management duties of the property manager/property owner to ensure all risks are identified and employees/sub-contractors on site are aware of these risks.

Specifically, Victorian Regulations states that all asbestos-containing materials be identified and managed within the workplace at intervals no greater than five (5) years. Helia EHS can assist with identifying these risks by performing a Division 5 – Hazardous (Asbestos) Materials Assessment. This assessment identifies potential asbestos risks in your property and gives recommendations on how to manage them.

Learn more about how Helia EHS can help you with achieving compliance here.

A Division – 5 Hazardous (Asbestos) Materials Assessment produces a register; this register should be available to all employees and sub-contractors that attend Site.

This register identifies asbestos-containing materials and other Hazardous Material risks within the workplace and should be reviewed prior to ANY works on Site.

However, if any refurbishment and/or demolition works need to be performed on Site, a more intrusive assessment needs to be completed. This assessment identifies what potential risks may be discovered during the future works. This assessment is called a Division 6 – Hazardous (Asbestos) Materials Assessment and is required prior to any refurbishment/demolition works being carried out on Site.

If you wish to learn more about these assessments, please contact us for more information here.

We’re here to help with any issues that you may not be aware about in your property portfolio.

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