International Plastic Free Day

International Plastic-Free Day

At Helia EHS, we are passionate about environmental sustainability and taking proactive steps towards a cleaner and greener future. As we approach International Plastic Free Day, a global initiative aimed at reducing plastic waste, we want to highlight the importance of responsible waste management and how environmental services such as contaminated land management and waste classification management, contribute to this vital cause.

What is International Plastic Free Day?

International Plastic Free Day, observed annually on 25th May, serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of plastic pollution on our planet. It is a day when we as individuals, organisations, and communities can come together to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of single-use plastics and encourage sustainable alternatives. It is a call to action for everyone to reduce plastic consumption, recycle diligently, and find innovative ways to combat the plastic waste crisis. Helia EHS prides itself on leading the way in sustainable management practices for businesses of all sizes.


The Importance of Contaminated Land Management

One of the key services we offer at Helia EHS is contaminated land management. This service plays a critical role in identifying, assessing and remediating contaminated sites ensuring the protection of both the environment and public health. By employing advanced techniques and adhering to stringent regulations, we help assist our clients to transform contaminated land into safe and usable spaces, reducing the potential for harmful substances to leach into the ecosystem. Contaminated land can cause a wide range of consequences for the environment around it, as well as economic and social impacts. So it’s critical to have an environmental consultant perform the proper assessment of the land in order to meet your State and Federal contaminated land Duties. 


Waste Classification

Proper waste classification management is another essential aspect of our environmental services. By employing expert knowledge and comprehensive waste classification systems, we ensure that waste is appropriately categorised, handled, and disposed of. This approach minimises the environmental impact of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, preventing contamination and promoting sustainable waste management practices. We provide clients with guidance on the classification and management of the waste material on-site, during off-site transport and subsequent disposal, providing a “cradle to grave” service solution for waste management.


Sustainable Alternatives

On International Plastic Free Day, we encourage everyone to explore and embrace sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics. From reusable water bottles and shopping bags to eco-friendly packaging options or community clean up days, small changes in our daily lives can collectively make a significant difference in reducing plastic waste. By supporting businesses and initiatives that prioritise sustainability, we can inspire positive change and pave the way for a plastic-free future. The Helia EHS team recently put this into practice by incorporating a clean-up along the edge of the Maribyrnong River with our Staff Family Day and BBQ.


As an environmental services company, we are dedicated to being at the forefront of environmental stewardship. Our commitment to responsible waste management, contaminated land remediation, and sustainable practices aligns perfectly with the spirit of International Plastic Free Day. By utilising services like contaminated land management and waste classification management, we contribute to reducing environmental harm and preserving our planet’s resources. 


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