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Delivering certainty through EHS solutions is at the core of everything we do as a brand. Strength of purpose can be at the heart of our employee experience; where team members are empowered to make a positive impact on both the world around them, and our business, by bringing their purpose into action – now and always.


Team members can be the spark for change across the EHS landscape. They can unleash their curiosity, amplify what’s come before, and use their individual drive to make things happen for the better.


As individuals, team members are all different, yet they can bring their real selves to work. At Helia EHS, we celebrate and combine our differences to achieve greater things.


This is not just a consultancy, this a place where team members have the opportunity to go beyond; with quality experiences, projects and growth initiatives. Because when you give more, you get more.

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anthony caruana, managing director, helia ehs

A Message from Anthony Caruana

Helia will connect with those who are looking to make the change that better suits their aspirations – from both career and development perspectives. We’re an employer who gives you autonomy over your career, while always being there to support you with advancement and mentoring opportunities. Our team members are those who are looking to make a shift away from being treated as a number or who may have previously only had limited exposure to a wide range of projects. Our consultants are attracted to working for a brand with a proven track record in the space, one that has significant experience in growing and supporting a skilled and knowledgeable team.

A Message From Jeremy Newstead

At Helia, we want our team members to believe that they can have the certainty they’re looking for, through individual and industry-leading support and development; so they can both become the consultant their clients can rely on, while  having a role that creates ongoing value for their career. We want them to feel confident that working at a boutique consultancy is the right move for them in terms of the development they’ll get out of being exposed to a diverse range of projects, client industries and responsibilities. We want our team to actively create the certainty in their careers and futures that they’ve been aspiring to achieve, the way I personally have.

jeremy newstead, general manager, helia ehs

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