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Local exhaust ventilation (LEV) is a ventilation system that removes harmful contaminants from the air in a specific area or work zone. It is designed to capture and remove hazardous substances at the source, preventing them from spreading to the rest of the workplace. By removing these contaminants from the air, local exhaust ventilation systems can reduce the risk of health problems for workers, increase productivity, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Helia EHS, one of the top local exhaust ventilation consultants helping you with the assessment of your current system (s). Our team of experts ensures that your system(s) comply with relevant compliance obligations focusing on EHS and can provide ongoing assessment services so they continue to function at their best.

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How Can Our Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems Help Your Workplace Environment?

Some ways LEV systems can benefit you are:

Improved Air Quality

LEV systems can remove harmful pollutants from the air, improving the overall air quality in the workplace, thereby leading to fewer health problems and a safer, more comfortable working environment.

Increased Productivity

When workers are exposed to harmful contaminants, they may experience health problems or discomfort that can reduce their productivity. By improving the ventilation and air quality with LEV systems in Melbourne, workers can have a more comfortable time at work and perform in an efficient manner.

Compliance with Regulations

Many Melbourne workplaces are required by law to use LEV systems to protect workers from hazardous substances. As expert local exhaust ventilation consultants and by using proper LEV systems, you can ensure that your workplace’s ventilation is compliant with local legislation.

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