Preliminary Risk Screening Assessments

Preliminary Risk Screening Assessments (PRSA)

Under the (repealed) Environment Protection Act 1970, environmental audits were a one-size-fits-all assessment process that sometimes involved unnecessarily detailed investigation and excessive costs. Now a more flexible process has been established under the new Environment Protection Act 2017. Hence, the introduction of the Preliminary Risk Screen Assessment (PRSA).

The benefits of the PRSA include:

Rapid, low-cost based on desktop study and site inspection, which may include sampling.

To determine whether a detailed environmental audit is necessary. A PRSA cannot determine whether a site is suitable for a particular use; only an environmental audit has this function.

general environmental duty
GED regulations

Environmental Audits

Environmental audits are the mechanism by which the nature and extent of risk to human health or the environment is assessed and the suitability of a site for all uses may be determined. Information data from Helia EHS’s Detailed Site Investigation is used for an environmental audit in order to make those determinations or recommendations to manage contaminated land.

Helia EHS has completed many audit projects in the site assessor role, helping our clients obtain Certificates or Statements of Environmental Audit for their properties. Helia EHS has developed strong working relationships with several EPA accredited Contaminated Land Auditors and provides clients with advice on the audit assessment process and appointment of a suitable auditor for a site.

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