Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Groundwater Plume Management, Monitoring and Remediation

Industrial Manufacturing


An environmental audit and subsequent monitoring and management was undertaken at this operational automotive manufacturing facility due to legacy chlorinated hydrocarbon contamination in soil, soil vapour, perched groundwater and basalt aquifer groundwater, caused by the use of chlorinated solvents at the Site up to the 1990s.

These works have included the assessment of potential on- and off-site human health and ecological risks including detailed soil, soil vapour and indoor air assessment, personal vapour exposure monitoring, hydrogeological assessment, investigation of the potential presence of DNAPL using FACT-FLUTe technology, extensive groundwater monitoring and fate and transport modelling.

Audit closure is on track after demonstrating that groundwater remediation was not warranted or practicable under the Clean Up So Far As is Reasonably Practicable (CUSFARP) approach, supported by the EPA Auditor.

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