Environmental Audit at Chemical Manufacturer

Industrial Chemical Manufacturer

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A Detailed Site Assessment was completed at the Site to support our client in completing a Section 53X Environmental Audit, commissioned by the EPA Victoria. The 3.4 hectare Site was a major pesticide, fungicide, and herbicide manufacturing facility set for closure and sale, whilst maintaining all existing infrastructure.

The DSI included the assessment of soil, stormwater, perched water and groundwater (including aquifer profiling). Whilst navigating site infrastructure and geotechnical challenges, soil remediation was completed at 20 locations across the Site, and perched water remediation was completed at three locations. The success of perched water remediation and groundwater plume delineation was supported by hydrogeochemistry and analytical trend analysis and fate and transport modelling.

The works complied with EPA audit requirements, including completing CUSFARP and an assessment for the protection of all Environmental Values and General Environmental Duty (GED).

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