Refractory Recycling

Glass Manufacturer


The project focused on managing refractory bricks and fines generated during routine furnace demolition and refurbishment at Glass Plants across Australia.

To tackle this waste challenge effectively, several assessment tasks were undertaken. Initially, the bricks were pre-classified, and a detailed assessment was conducted to optimise the management of waste streams. On-site, the bricks and fines were segregated to minimize disposal costs, especially for the most contaminated waste. The industrial waste was then transported from the site to a waste management facility for further sorting, segregation, sampling, and disposal or recycling.

The results of this project were significant. Previously, a large portion of the furnace demolition waste ended up in landfills as highly contaminated waste. Helia took the initiative to perform in-depth analysis and treatment trials to identify the most cost-effective disposal methods while increasing recyclability rates. Bench trials were implemented to segregate, crush, fix, and sample the material, all aimed at understanding contaminant behaviour and compliance with regional regulations. This approach proved successful in significantly enhancing recycling capabilities and, in turn, delivering substantial sustainability and cost benefits to the client.

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