Remediation in Environmental Site Assessments

Environmental site assessments may identify concentrations of contaminants which may pose a potential current or future risk to human health and/or the environment.‘Remediation’ is the term used to describe the clean-up of contaminated sites including emerging contaminants such as per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).
remediation acton plan

Remediation Action Plan

Helia EHS will typically start a remediation project with a remediation action plan (RAP), which details the contamination status and outlines practical remediation options suitable to remediate the contamination. Helia EHS has capabilities and experience implementing the following remediation techniques:

underground storage tank removal and validation

Underground Storage Tank Removal and Site Validation

Leakage of petroleum and oil stored in underground storage tanks (USTs) and associated infrastructure (fuel lines, fill lines and bowsers) cause significant environmental and health issues so appropriate design, installation and management is essential. Decommission and removal of USTs is also an important aspect of site management and remediation.We can assist in removal or effective management of USTs. This includes the removal of redundant or damaged USTs.

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