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Asbestos inspection

Asbestos can be deadly. Many buildings are constructed using asbestos-containing materials which can become dangerous when disturbed. The main way this occurs is during maintenance, renovations or demolition. That’s why it’s essential for developers to contact an environmental consultancy company to complete an asbestos inspection before any demolition begins.

Helia EHS arranges asbestos inspections

Helia EHS arranges asbestos inspections and assessments for organisations and individuals in the private public sector. Our testing methods follow Australian testing legislation, as does our commitment to organising the safe and responsible removal of asbestos from buildings and properties across Melbourne.

Handling the Removal of Asbestos Properties

Tests will be conducted to check for the presence of asbestos during the inspection. This is far more involved than simply walking through a building and looking at surfaces. Asbestos inspections usually require viewing fibres under a polarised light microscope. If those tests come back positive for asbestos, the assessment will suggest the correct way to have the contaminated areas/materials safely removed and destroyed. 
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There are many asbestos removal companies serving Melbourne and beyond. We’re happy to help you organise this next crucial stage of your development. It may also be necessary to test air quality to ensure that no hazardous materials have sullied the environment.
looking at asbestos fibres under a polarised light microscope

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Asbestos assessments are a necessary step in the process of building developments.  If you have any questions about asbestos assessments, inspections and removals, get in touch with our experienced environmental consultants using the contact form below.

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