Safeguarding Public Health and the Environment: A Comprehensive Approach to Asbestos Management in Melbourne

In recent headlines, the detection of asbestos in mulch around Melbourne has sparked heightened concerns about public health and environmental safety. At Helia EHS, we recognise the gravity of this issue and are steadfast in our commitment to supporting our clients in mitigating the impacts on both fronts. With our extensive experience in environmental consultancy, we stand ready to assist councils, landowners, and property developers in navigating the complexities of asbestos management, including asbestos assessment, removal, and testing in Melbourne.

Here’s how Helia EHS is actively addressing the current situation and ensuring the protection of human health and the environment, with a focus on asbestos assessment, removal, and testing:

1. Comprehensive Inspections and Assessments:

Our team conducts thorough asbestos assessments in various public areas across Melbourne, including parks, schools, and landfills. Through meticulous inspections, we identify potential asbestos-containing materials (ACM) and assess associated risks, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the extent of contamination.

2. Expert Advisory Services:

Helia EHS provides expert advice on asbestos management strategies tailored to the unique needs of each client. From reviewing existing asbestos management policies to developing effective handling procedures, our consultants guide clients through every step of the process. Whether it’s planning for asbestos removal or implementing risk mitigation measures, we offer reliable support to minimise environmental and health risks.

3. Accurate Testing and Monitoring:

Asbestos testing in Melbourne is a crucial component of our services. Helia EHS utilises accredited laboratory testing methods to accurately detect asbestos in soil, mulch, and other materials. Our comprehensive approach includes both on-site and laboratory testing, ensuring reliable results. Additionally, we conduct thorough air quality monitoring to assess ambient and personal exposure levels, providing clients with a comprehensive understanding of potential health risks.

4. Differentiating Risk Levels:

One of our key priorities is to educate clients on the varying risks associated with different types of asbestos. We emphasise the distinction between bonded (non-friable) and non-bonded (friable) ACM, highlighting the importance of proper handling and management practices. By understanding the risk levels, clients can make informed decisions regarding asbestos removal and remediation efforts.

5. Stakeholder Engagement and Education:

Effective communication is paramount in addressing asbestos-related concerns. Helia EHS assists clients in engaging with stakeholders and educating the public about asbestos risks. Through clear, consistent, and evidence-based communication, we aim to alleviate concerns and foster trust within the community.

6. Training Programs:

Our tailored training programs empower work groups with the knowledge and skills necessary for identifying ACM and safely managing its disposal. From asbestos awareness training to specialised courses on handling procedures, we equip clients with the tools they need to maintain a safe working environment.

7. Regulatory Compliance Support:

Navigating regulatory requirements can be complex, but Helia EHS is here to help. We facilitate communications with relevant authorities such as the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and WorkSafe, ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations. Our team provides ongoing support and guidance to streamline the regulatory process for our clients.

8. Supply Chain Assessment:

For businesses at risk of inadvertently receiving ACM as part of their supply chain, we conduct thorough audits to assess and mitigate potential risks. By evaluating suppliers and implementing robust quality assurance measures, we help clients safeguard their operations against asbestos contamination.

At Helia EHS, safeguarding public health and the environment is our top priority. With our comprehensive approach to asbestos management, including assessment, removal, and testing in Melbourne, we empower our clients to address asbestos-related challenges with confidence. For more information on how Helia EHS can support your asbestos management needs, please contact us today. Together, we can create a safer and healthier environment for all.

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