The Places You Find Asbestos

Identifying Asbestos Locations

One of Helia EHS’ projects involved undertaking asbestos audits for a local council in the Melbourne suburbs.  The audit included offices, depots, libraries, day care centres, kindergartens, and public toilets to name a few of the assets typical to most councils.


Risks and Safe Handling Practices

Today one of our auditors was undertaking a visual inspection at one of the community halls when he came across one of the more interesting uses for asbestos.  Historically, asbestos was often used as a heat shield, and a closer look at the photo reveals that asbestos is present as a heat shield between wooden legs that have been attached (by a DIY hero) to that very Melbourne institution the pie warmer!

The auditor advised that the pie warmer must be disposed of as asbestos, as it could not go with the general rubbish that was being cleared out. 

Remember, there are over 3000 uses for asbestos, and it appears the list is growing with interesting finds like these.  Do you know where your asbestos is in your property?

If you have any queries about asbestos, from home renovations to assessments of company assets nationwide, Helia EHS can assist with your legal obligations.  Please contact our Hazardous Materials team for help.

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