Waste Management Service Solutions

Waste disposal is a major concern for many businesses. There are several things you need to do to ensure that your waste management is done in the most professional way possible and to streamline and develop the processes to reduce waste production. With this guide, we’ll show you how to dispose of waste in an efficient and sustainable way.

Secure hazardous waste disposal

The importance of secure hazardous waste disposal should not be underestimated. The transportation and proper disposal of hazardous materials is a vital part of any business. With the proper training, knowledge and equipment you can ensure that your company’s hazardous waste is handled safely and securely with specialist advice from the expert team at Helia EHS (starting with the classification of such wastes beforehand).

Disposing of hazardous waste properly

Hazardous waste can pose a threat to people who come near it if it is not disposed of correctly. Improper handling may result in pollution of the environment, damage to property or injury to workers, which makes it imperative for you to understand how best to handle these substances. Disposing of these substances improperly can also result in serious fines by regulators such as the EPA; therefore, it is critical that your company has the right systems in place so that this is avoided at all costs!

Transportation of hazardous waste disposal

The transportation of hazardous waste disposal is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. The type of waste being transported should be considered before it’s handled by a licensed company and transported according to local compliance obligations, as well as the type of waste.

Efficiently handled waste disposal

Effective waste disposal involves a complex process, which includes the following steps:

  • Separation of waste in different categories (dry, wet, hazardous etc.)
  • Transportation of segregated waste to the appropriate site or facility
  • Processing of segregated waste at that site/facility. This involves separation of recyclable items from non-recyclable items and then further processing into reusable materials and recyclables. The remaining material can be further processed into various outcomes such as compostable organic matter, combustible material (if required), landfilled as per defined standards, etc. If the waste is being disposed to landfill, ensure that it’s a lawful facility designed to accept your waste(s).
  • Clients to ensure that they keep track (and document) the wastes that leave their own Site. This is part of their Due Diligence

Industrial services for waste management

Industrial services are often required in order to manage waste effectively. These can include:

  • Waste reduction
  • Waste production and disposal tracking
  • Environmental consulting services
  • A “cradle to grave” solution or even better, a “cradle to cradle” approach.

Environmental consulting in Waste Management

Environmental consulting services are important for businesses that need to manage their waste materials both on-site, during off-site transportation and with subsequent disposal. Businesses need to comply with compliance obligations, and they also should consider reducing their environmental footprint by decreasing waste generation and pollution. The environmental consultants at Helia EHS can help you accomplish both goals by providing assistance with:

  • Developing an action plan based on your company’s unique needs, requirements and goals
  • Finding ways to reduce waste generation through recycling initiatives or containment strategies (such as installing a safety enclosure)
  • Helping you meet federal, state and local council standards within your industry.

With these solutions, you can dispose of waste in a more secure, efficient and sustainable way.

With these solutions, you can dispose of waste in a more secure, efficient and sustainable way.

  • Reduce waste: We offer the possibility of reducing your environmental impact by advising on appropriate systems that reduce the quantities of collected wastes.
  • Waste disposal: We can offer a ‘cradle to grave’ service solution for waste management.
  • Environmental consulting: This service is aimed at identifying potential areas where improvements can be made within an organisation’s processes or structure which may lead towards improving its overall environmental profile (e.g., carbon footprint). Our consultants provide expert advice on how best implement new practices within the organisation’s operations in order to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as increase profitability through cost savings/efficiencies gained from adopting greener technologies and practices.

If you have a need for waste management services, contact Helia EHS today to find out about our specialist advice to streamline your waste management and develop processes that find alternatives to reduce waste production. We offer a wide range of solutions and are ready to help you with any issue that may arise.

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